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Polyurethane anti-corrosion insulation tube prospects, the rapid development of applications


Polyurethane insulation pipe heating pipe methods are three: no compensation, one-time compensation and compensation for the installation of the way, because the urban residential district heating pipe network from the economic security considerations are used temperature 120 ℃ hot water, and polyurethane insulation Temperature up to 120 ℃, so now we only discuss the first two kinds of buried way.

Polyurethane insulation tube surface treatment is mainly mechanical treatment, which includes shot peening and shot blasting treatment of two. Shot peening technology is through the use of air and high pressure water, through a special nozzle, so that high-speed abrasive flow, shock, friction, polyurethane insulation pipe in this way to remove the steel surface rust, oxide, contaminants and attachments, Steel does not change color, and will form a suitable cleanliness and roughness. And for the large consumption of steel boilers, petrochemical machinery enterprises, usually using shot blasting technology, which is in the high-speed rotation under the action of the blade, the abrasive with a large radial and tangential speed to throw steel surface, polyurethane insulation Tube to achieve the purpose of removing impurities.

Polyurethane insulation tube is widely used in electric power, construction, transportation and so on. Polyurethane insulation pipe has become an indispensable part of its industrial production. It is widely used in the field of electric insulation, insulation, corrosion, water resistance, cold resistance and light weight.

In the construction and its simple, just put the polyurethane insulation tube outside the insulation layer (polyurethane) bubble hair, in the field directly pouring, can also be prefabricated polyurethane insulation tube preforming method and other methods used in the anti-corrosion method construction.

Polyurethane insulation tube insulation effect is the most widely used performance, polyurethane insulation pipe in the north heating facilities are widely used, the use of polyurethane insulation pipe can reduce the cost of the project in the pipeline to reduce heat loss to save resources, long life cycle, Anti-corrosion, strong insulation performance, reduce the area, and in a limited time to complete the project with the fastest speed.

Advantages of Polyurethane Insulation Tube

1, polyurethane insulation pipe has a strong corrosion resistance and waterproof capacity, the overall cost of low According to the relevant departments of the calculation, double pipe heating pipe, under normal circumstances can reduce the project cost of 25% (using glass fiber reinforced plastic layer) and 10% Using high-density polyethylene as a protective layer) around.

2, low heat loss, energy conservation.

3, long service life Polyurethane insulation tube installation and use of the correct pipe network life can reach 30-50 years, and maintenance costs are very low.

4, less land, construction fast, is conducive to environmental protection. Polyurethane insulation pipe can reduce earth excavation more than 50%, reduce the amount of civil masonry and concrete 90%

In addition, we can also use high-pressure water cleaning, high pressure water sand cleaning and other side of the polyurethane insulation tube method, these methods clear effect, high efficiency, comprehensive economic benefits significantly, can effectively extend the life of polyurethane insulation pipe, So in recent years the development of application development is very rapid.