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Characteristic Analysis of Polyurethane Rigid Foam Thermal Insulation Material


In recent years, China's efforts to promote polyurethane rigid foam insulation materials, polyurethane foam in the field of external wall insulation technology applications began to start, this comprehensive performance of the new external wall insulation materials in China is particularly limited, but this Wall insulation material has a unique anti-heat characteristics. Polyurethane rigid foam insulation material insulation features are as follows:

1, good watertight.

Dust polyurethane material has excellent waterproof, steam barrier performance, the material does not contain water, water absorption is very low, can well block the water and water vapor infiltration, so that the wall to maintain an excellent, stable adiabatic state, is the current Other insulation materials is difficult to achieve. Dust Polyurethane Sprayed Exterior Wall Insulation wall appearance without seams, holes around, doors and windows around the hole, etc., so that it has excellent waterproof performance, to avoid rain into the internal damage. The practice of many foreign projects confirmed that the surface layer of water or the existence of gaps in the surface layer, in the case of rain infiltration and cold freezing app application, vulnerable to frost.

2, the wall will not condensation.

In the wall or inside the insulation layer condensation are harmful, in the new wall drying process, or in winter conditions, the indoor temperature of the higher water vapor to the outdoor migration due to the polyurethane foam barrier, the wall It is impossible to condensation. In the indoor humidity is low, and the indoor wall moisture-proof state is excellent, but also to avoid the wall due to moisture vapor migration caused by condensation.

3, can withstand the most stringent local weather and its change.

Regardless of the high temperature as usual cold weather, will not make the external insulation system irreversible damage or deformation, the appearance of the external wall of the dramatic changes in temperature (up to 50 degrees), polyurethane foam insulation since the 1930s since the birth of polyurethane synthetic materials, Has been widely used as an excellent insulation materials and the rapid development of its scope of application is also more and more widely, but also because of its simple construction, energy conservation and corrosion effect is significantly used in a variety of heating, cooling, oil, Steam and other pipes. Main products: oil and gas pipeline engineering, natural gas pipeline engineering, chemical plants, power plants, shipyards, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, beer, beverages, water conservancy and other projects.