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Core Culture

Core Culture:

Professionalism,specialization and globalization are our core culture,and our action principle. 

Professionalism,is the most basic requirement of a modern enterprise engaged in any activity,it is a kind of work state of the standardization,institutionalization,including occupation behavior standards which should be followed in the work of the (Code of Conduct),as well as occupation accomplishment,and matching the occupation skills.Just like to say the right words,do the right thing at the right time,in the right place and in the right way. 

Specialization refers to the fact that every member of our team needs long-term professional education and training.Individual members and teams within the scope of their professional autonomy,can bear the responsibility to make judgments directly and take proper action.

Globalization is a process of the development of human society,with the increasing global contact,the development of human life on the basis of the global scale and the rise of global consciousness,the world is compressed into a whole entirety.Therefore,we have to think about any problem with the global vision.It is basic requirement for our own to be modern business participant who can achieve the globalization,our main time symbol.